Frequently Asked Questions

Deep Eigen offers courses in two primary categories: (i) Category-I (Cat-I), and (ii) Category-II (Cat-II). Cat-I is further subdivided into Cat-IA and Cat-IB.

The primary categories divide courses into two broad segments: (i) deeply theoretical and practical, and (ii) broad and practical, with deep theory wherever required.

(i) The deep theoretical courses are designed to cover theoretical concepts of the particular topic, with mathematical derivations wherever applicable. The assignments are designed to train you to implement theoretical concepts presented in the lectures, with relevance to the 21st century real-world industrial problems. Such courses are Cat-I courses.

(ii) The broad practical, with deep enough required theory, courses mostly focus on the practical applications of a particular theoretical concept, and the emphasis is on learning to apply those concepts rather than deep theoretical analysis. Such courses are Cat-II courses.

Courses at top graduate programs provide you the state-of-the-art knowledge in the field. However, graudate programs are very selective and expensive. Furthermore, they assume that you already have lot of background knowledge before you begin a course.

The Cat-I courses at Deep Eigen also provide you the state-of-the-art knwoeldge, combining information from text-books and research papers. However, our courses try to teach concepts from scratch, covering most of the required background knowledge. We assume that the audience has little background knowledge of the particular field, and thus the primary lectures combined with secondary TA lectures provide you a holistic course which is easy to follow and understand. The programming assignments on the other hand ensure that you know how every concept is applied to solve a real-world problem.

The courses are detailed and deep enough, and after thoroughly completing a course, along with all the mandatory and optional assignments, you may be in a position to compare yourself with (i) graduate students of top universities in the world, and (ii) leading industry experts in the field.

Deep Eigen courses are typically more deeper and broader than other online courses. Our courses are designed to provide both the depth and breadth of a particular topic. Such knowledge base may help a candidate in securing a job in the relevant areas.

For example, while Cat-I courses specifically are designed to be as knowledgeable and as competitive as best of the best graduate programs' courses, the Cat-II courses do not necessarily contain graudate level theory. However, often this boundary is blurred in Cat-II courses. Often, there are more hidden topics and other added topics, as compared to those indicated in the course outline -- this depends on a course instructor, if they want to include additional topics (other than those mentioned in a course-outline) to provide a more holistic experience to the registrants.

There are rarely any alternative to the Cat-I courses offered by Deep Eigen, as they aim to provide you state-of-the-art knowledge. We consider that the only real alternative to Deep Eigen's Cat-I courses is a structured graduate program in a developed country. Graudate programs can provide you equivalent (or better) knowledge in the fielld. However, not everyone can get into such graduate programs, and not everyone can afford them, given that the fee is increasing every year.

The other alternative, for masses, is to enroll in courses by other online platforms. Some such platforms have already trained thousands of students and professionals. However, the knowledge provided by such platforms is very basic, and is good enough only when you want to get a limited knowledge of a particular field. Sometimes these courses can be very demanding in terms of fees, which is not justified (in our opinion) given the content.

The lectures are provided in such a fashion that anyone with a basic knowledge of linear algebra and multivariate calculus can take a course, and follow the entire course, including the mathematical derivations (if they are part of a course outline). Any other prerequisites are specifically mentioned on a course page.

To informally define these categories:

Cat-IA courses can be considered as one semester course on the same topic at top graudate programs in the world, with additional emphasis on research papers.

Cat-IB courses are equivalent to a one semester course on the same topic at top graduate programs in the world.

Cat-II courses are very broad (they are a combination of several courses into one) and practical in nature. The theoretical depth of some of the topics may be as that of a graduate program course, but often such courses tend to be less intensive on theory. Any deep additional theoretical concept (other than the course outline, or on a topic mentioned in the outline) may be added if an instructor would like to do so.

When Cat-I courses are designed to be an advanced undergraduate level course, the course page will specifically indicate that.